Building a Modern, Customer-Focused Organization

Branding for Organizational Change in the Public Sector

Tarion – formerly known as ONHWP, Ontario's New Home Warranty Program – had never explicitly stated its role or its promise. This led to confusion, compounded by its name.

ONHWP did not actually offer warrantees. Instead, it enforced builders' warrantees. Moreover, it supported new condo buyers and well as buyers of new homes. Its roles in licensing and education were overlooked.

In the new identity, everything comes together. Even the symbol fits. Strong and unassuming, it represents Tarion's three core programs and the pillars of an industry.

The End of "Institution"

A Damaged Foundation
ONHWP –Ontario New Home Warranty Program (pronounced on-whip) was a private corporation with a public mandate – to administer the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act.

ONHWP's infrastructure was outdated. It acted more like an administrator than a service organization. Homebuyers were not pleased.

The new CEO and the Board were tasked with transforming ONHWP into a "modern, customer-focused organization."

Rebuilding the House
Our mission was to rename the organization. Establish a compelling, credible brand promise. And clarify ONHWP’s role.

The new name had to lose the taint of bureaucracy. But it couldn’t be too commercial either. There also had to be a logic to it. The new name, Tarion, has just the right feel. Focus groups recognized the echo of Ontarian in it and found it both strong and approachable.

We crystallized Tarion’s value from the citizen’s perspective: "Protecting Ontario's New Home Buyers." And, then solidly linked the promise to ONWHP's three core program areas.

Emerging Stronger
Tarion has truly become a modern, customer-focused organization. The new name and style reinforce a contemporary service-oriented culture. The promise to protect homebuyers ensures Tarion's mission is always front and centre.

The Team
Brand Strategy, Positioning, Tagline Development: Harry H. Cornelius, Sideren Inc.
Design and Advertising Partner: McDonnell Haynes