Our Identity

Our Name

What Does It Mean?

Sideren is a coined word combining "sidereal"  - which means "relating to the stars and their apparent motion" - and "en" for enterprise.  This reflects our focus on helping organizations create value by "following their stars."

How Do You Pronounce It?

We like to say SIDE • EAR • EN to bring out the word "sidereal."


Why Did We Choose It?

For three reasons:
  • Its meaning quietly reinforces our unique approach
  • It is short, clear and - importantly - has a clean "dot com" URL and no trademark issues
  • It is corporate in feel and different in character
    We didn't name our company after ourselves because we're focused our clients and what we can do for them
    We avoided clever plays on the word "brand" because there are hundreds branding firms that do

Our Logo

Every logo tells a story. Or ought to. Here's ours:

The "I" is aligned with a five-pointed star, reinforcing enterprise alignment.

The shape and construction of the star are also telling. The star is both in motion and yet stable, which is true of organizations that steadfastly pursue their opportunity.

The star is actually made up of five independent forms coming together around a single purpose. This mirrors what way all successful organizations work with their stakeholders. And it mirrors that way we work with our clients and partners.