Lifting All Boats

Redefining T&D in a New Era of Leadership

TidalShift Identity Elements: Name, Symbol & Slogan


TidalShift Marketecture Diagrams

We organized TidalShift's course offerings into three groups around change management, people management and project management, corrolating these with competencies like Thriving In Change and organization traits like An Adpative Organization. As organizations develop competencies and exhibit traits in all three areas, they become Resilient. 

In today's world, self-leadership is as vital as exectutive leadership. TidalShift's focus in developing the vast marjority has the potential to deliver greater performance outcomes than training of leaders, who often come and go.


The TidalShift Learning Process is fairly standard. The emphasis on both Sustainability and Accountability help ensure LIFT results, lnking process to postion.

Process is different than methodological foundation. What makes TidalShift's content most effective? We identified three layers of method, starting with a foundation in learning science and ending with customization to the needs of the learner.

Making a Name In Training & Development



Although clients liked SPM Learning’s approach and its results, SPM had difficulty attracting top talent and winning new business. Margins were getting squeezed.

SPM’s image was tired. Its name didn’t help either. SPM couldn’t clearly say how what it did actually worked... how that was different... or how SPM was more than a basket of courses. SPM needed a way to rejuvenate itself, to stand out the crowded space of T&D.

In the T&D world, leadership training is the prestige ticket. However, SPM trained nearly everyone but leaders. Our challenge was to make training everybody else look as or more important than training leaders.

Some Learnings We Brought to Bear 

Having spent years on the client side enduring flavour-of-the-month leadership training and leading teams through radical change, we could see that what clients needed: a pragmatic way to pull higher performance from all their people and help them cope with change. We could see that reliance on rare transformational leadership was a hit-and-mostly-miss way to drive their organizations. With flattened stucutres, organizations needed more from their people, faster. Old top-down models weren't fully up to the task. SPM had an answer. Our challenge was to make it tangible.

The New Face of Development

We developed Organizational Lift Theory and the concept of the Resilient Organization, concepts worked out in a white paper and clarified through a series of marketecture diagrams. This conceptual framework needed to be fleshed out in a way that inspired confidence and elevated SPM’s stature.

We began with a new name. The recognition that a rising tide lifts all boats led us to TidalShift – a name that also handily suggested bringing about a sea change. This drove the new symbol with its upward trajectory and design and copy for TidalShift’s website along with a complete design system for communications materials.

The Team

Strategy, Naming, Copy, Website Strategy: Harry Cornelius, Sideren

Design Partner: Silvio Napoleone, Nubrand