The Whole Is Greater

Identity, Positioning and Brand Architecture for MDS


Tripped Up By Brand Fragmentation


When Chairman Wilf Lewitt went to China with Chrétien, the press covered subsidiaries Nordion and Sciex – but with nary a mention of MDS. The Chairman was not pleased.

This wasn't just pique about press coverage. It was yet another symptom of that fact that the company as a whole was misunderstood – and therefore undervalued.

MDS began life as a medical lab. And people still saw it that way even though it had grown dramatically through strategic acquisitions.

To make MDS' full value visible, we:
  • Simplified the name. From MDS Health and Life Sciences Inc. to MDS Inc.
  • Created a tagline -- Science advancing health -- to communicate MDS' overeall benefit and the breadth of business
  • Used MDS as a prefix to unite subsidiaries into a health and life sciences powerhouse
MDS largely shook off its holding company discount. Shares rose signifcanly. And it became a more truly integrated company.
The team tht cfreated MDS identity system

The Team
Brand Strategy, Brand Architecture, Naming, Positioning and AR Copy: Harry Cornelius (Sideren)
Design Partner: Gottschalk + Ash International