Every Brand Implies a Culture

 A Brand is a Promise of Performance

For the enterprise brand – and for many product and all service brands – that promise must be kept by the people who work there.

It is a promise management makes to staff. Staff make to each other. And all make to customers, business partners and other external stakeholders.

Either the organization lives the promise. Or it doesn't. Organizations that do not live their brand, lose the faith of their customers, employees and partners.

Culture Rules

It's the culture that runs the show. 

It is people who create value and culture that dictates what value they create.

Employee manuals, directives from the corner office and recruiting propaganda have little impact on the attitudes, perceptions and performance of the organization.

Brand Leads

In healthy organizations, culture and brand are one. 

Organizations that divorce organizational development, employee assessment, recognition and rewards, rituals and ceremonies, and employee communications from the enterprise brand – and make that brand simply about getting more business – send mixed and diluted messages.

They miss out on the opportunity to use the levers of branding to provide a North Star for the mission of the firm and to rally all around it. 


A Case In Exclamation Point 

The Emfisys brand helped forge a unified trans-entrprise higher performance culture for Bank of Montreal's technology units.