Harry H. Cornelius, Principal - Branding

Harry has over 25 years of brand consulting, and client-side operations and marketing experience. Prior to forming Sideren, Harry was a partner in Cornelius Jacobson and principal of the brand consulting firm Cornelius & Co. In this capacity he was resident Director of Corporate Identity and Branding at Ove Design and Communications Ltd., part of Publicis Canada. Harry also served as the resident Director of Strategic Services for Gottschalk+Ash International.

Harry was Vice President of Marketing, U.S. Operations, for ADIA, a Swiss-based multinational. He was Director of Product Management for Olsten Services, a Fortune 500 company. Harry began his career on the client side as an intrapreneur. He developed the world's first contract attorney and paralegal service in New York City to support large-scale antitrust and takeover litigation.

Harry was a President's Fellow in Philosophy at Columbia University. He writes on corporate identity and branding issues in Marketing and other Canadian publications.